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Milwaukee Family Law Attorney answer questions for you and your family..In Attorney James Donohoo’s decades of experience, a number of questions have a habit of popping up. Review the answers below for self-educational purposes only (these answers don’t count as legal advice!). The best answer to a legal question almost always begins with “it depends.” For a more nuanced and qualified answer, please make use of the online contact form.


Wisconsin Family Law Attorney Answering Your Questions

Personal Milwaukee divorce lawyer representation depends on excellent communication. Simply possessing a broad and deep knowledge of Wisconsin family law is not enough. This understanding must be applied to the unique circumstances of your case. These most relevant circumstances must be drawn out from you, fully understood and acted upon in your interest.

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 When your reputation and rights are threatened by the accusation of a crime, an experienced criminal lawyer can help you navigate the murky waters of Wisconsin criminal law. Whether you or your juvenile child face charges for OWI, traffic violations, disorderly conduct,  or drug crimes, Attorney James Donohoo will bring a highly personal approach to legal representation to beating or reducing your charge.

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Q: Wisconsin Legal Separation vs. Divorce: What’s the difference?


Differentiating Divorce and Legal Separation in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the difference between a legal separation and a divorce is permanence. A divorce ends a marriage. Property division, child placement and child support issues may need to be decided in course. A legal separation does not end a marriage. Separation is sometimes chosen over a divorce to temporarily maintaining maintain health insurance coverage and other employment benefits. Usually separation is chosen because the couple wants to leave open the possibility of reconciliation, or for religious reasons.  The same orders can be obtained in a legal separation action as a divorce action, such as orders for property division, child placement, spousal maintenance, and child support. An experienced Milwaukee divorce lawyer will be able to guide you towards your best options. 


Q: What are the best Milwaukee child custody attorney traits to look for?


Best Milwaukee Child Custody Attorney Traits

The best traits to look for in a Milwaukee child custody attorney are experience and communication skills. You need a lawyer with a nuanced understanding of relevant Wisconsin family law (including child placement, relocation, child support and visitation rights). Your attorney should also have excellent communication skills to elicit your goals and act on a clear understanding of them.



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